20 Word Biblical Script Used By Billionaires

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Bob Proctor
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“I'd always thought my genes were out of whack.

"I always thought there was something seriously wrong with my chakras. Like, seriously wrong. I tried every meditation, crystal, and yoga pose in the book, but nothing seemed to work. But little did I know, my root chakra was secretly a money magnet! I mean, I used to be a lowly line cook at a Waffle House in North Carolina. But now? Now I'm living the high life in Hawaii, with a house that has a view of the ocean that will blow your mind. And don't even get me started on my cooking skills - I'm pretty sure they had nothing to do with my sudden abundance of wealth. No, it was all thanks to the Genie Script, which showed up just in the nick of time to save me from my Waffle House fate."

Jonathan Brown,
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“When the pandemic hit I got burnt out at my hospital job.

"I was feeling stuck and desperate for a change, but I had no idea what to do next. That's when the Genie Script came along and changed everything. Now I don't have to worry about money ever again! Out of nowhere, my friend asked me to endorse their nurse training program, and now I just sit at home and collect royalty checks for basically doing nothing. At first, I was like, "Yeah right," but activating my genie script has turned my life into a never-ending vacation. I can't believe I used to be stuck in a rut and now I'm living the dream! Thank goodness the Genie Script came along to save the day."

Christopher Garcia,
Jacksonville, Mi

“I was a single father when a college buddy showed me the Genie Script.

"As a single father, I was struggling to make ends meet until I discovered the Genie Script. With its guidance, I was able to quit my job as a kindergarten teacher and follow my dream of opening a private school for underprivileged kids. The abundance and prosperity that flowed into my life made it all possible. The Genie Script has truly been a game-changer for me and my family."

Frank Davis,
Albany, NY


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Today Just $37


Regular Price $7500

Today Only $37

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